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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  December 8, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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donald trump heats up again. we he will have the latest on his calls for all muslims entering the united states. mornings on 2 starts now. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. it's tuesday december 8th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. let's get your tuesday started. steve is here. little bit of fog. >> not as much as yesterday. >> i noticed that. i could see the city as i was driving on the east shore. >> usually about six or seven usually pops up. yesterday we started a the lot more. that's for security there was a lot more drizzle as well. another cloudy toploftily crowd -- to mostly cloudy morning. little cool ono the morning lows. it's a little cool. my dad said that was -- that was funny between you and pam yesterday. >> one viewer said i was being a princess.
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>> no. hi. i'm way out here. there we go. lot of high clouds today. temperatures today will be close to yesterday. up50s. rain stays to the north. few more 40s. yesterday was all 50s. san jose fourth. the cloud cover continues to stream over us. we are waiting for a system for thursday and it looks like widespread rain and wind for everybody but that's thursday. morning fog, a lot of high showeds, cloudy to mostly cloudy. maybe a few sun breaks south. cool lows but mild afternoon highs and that translates in to everybody being with in one or two degrees of each other unless you are down toward san jose or morgan hill. it's tuesday a tuesday. >> tuesday. we have made it past monday. there you go. >> here we go. >> on tuesday, thank you. yeah. you know -- steve and i have been doing this for a long time. the fog will move around. will pop up as we get closer to
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-- the -- the sun coming up. things are change right now. i can see the bay bridge and the shoreline back there. right now traffic is moving along very well. no major problems. this is a look at interstate 880. also clear picture and traffic moving along nicely with no major issues. southbound 101 as you drive down from san mateo. looks good . there is no slow traffic. 280 off to a good start. an air france flight from san francisco to paris was diverted to montreal last night because of a threat. the flight left sfo around three yesterday afternoon. it was supposed to be a nonstop flight to paris but landed in montreal shortly before midnight. passengers posted photographs on social media showing people waiting on the plane until authorities decided what to do. eventually all passengers and bags were removed from the
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plane and the plane was inspected. after a full security search air france said that the threat was determined to be a false alarm. the passengers reboarded the same plane and are now on their way to paris again. we have a live crew at sfo for more. trump is not backing down from a controversial proposal to ban muslims entering the united states. it's in response to last weeks attacks in california. we are live from washington with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. this could scramble up the race. trump is tapping into the fear that a lot of americans have that not enough has been done to prevent the attacks we saw last week in california. by the time trump walked on stage last night in south carolina he knew that he had started a fire storm. his proposal in response to
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last week's attack in california, temporarily shut down the nation's borders to muslims. >> we can't live like this. it'll get worse and worse. you will have more world trade centers. it'll get worse. >> reporter: he argues that there were warning sides that the couple were up to no good and that we need a better handle on the flow of immigrants. that got a quick response from hillary clinton who said this is horrible, prejudiced. trump's fellow republicans were largely unsparing as well. >> he is mobile eyeing anti muslim sentiment. is he preying on the fears the american people. it's called rabble rousing. >> reporter: from a political standpoint listen to the applause he received when he spoke about his plan. >> we have no choice. >> reporter: it clearly resonates with many of his
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supporters. >> it's a good idea. it sounds harsh but reality is reality. >> reporter: there is a political reality to this as well. the question is will this drive away as many republicans supportersa it attracts for trump. >> that is the question. thank you. the fbi said that the couple responsible for the california attack had been radicalized for quite some time. they had even taken target practice at gun ranges, one gun range instructor said video shows the husband shooting with what appeared to be a new rifle just two days before last wednesday's attacks. agents are now tracking the movements of the couple before the attack. this is a photograph of them passing through customs at chicago's ohare airport in july of last year. the husband brought his bride to be to the country on a fiance visa. bomb experts have identified 19 pipes recover from the home
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that could have been turned in to explosives. the fbi is partnering with international security agencies and is conducting more than 400 interviews in its investigation. >> this investigation is massive in scale. everybody knows that. we have conducted between i would say over 400 interviews now of people around the city. >> who should have custody of the couple's baby remains in doubt. the husband's older sister wants to adopt the 6-month-old girl but a custody hearing yesterday ended without a resolution. another hearing is set for next movement the girl is with cps. most of the 21 people hurt in the attacks are now recovering at home. at least six people are still in the hospital though. two of them are in critical condition. >> last night there were more vigils to remember the 14
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people killed in the rampage. one there included photographs of each victim and a lit candle in their honor. >> we as a city still have hope. we as a city still believe that we are able to rise above this situation and not be bitter but be better . >> last night's vigils were held at cal state. one at a church and then another the at a government building. that event was specifically for county employees. tasers are once again on the table for the san francisco police department as a nonlethel alternative to guns. this after a young man with a knife was shot and killed by police last week. deborah has more on the other changes planned for the department. >> reporter: capture on cell phones from several angles this shooting may end up the tipping point, rewriting police use of force in the city. five officers opening fire on a
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staggering man, possibly impaired or mentally ill. he had this knife on him police say and had slashed a stranger with it. >> when the first shot was fired why did five other officers have to shoot? >> reporter: critics believe that officers were to quick to kill after pepper spray and bean bags had failed that they should have stepped back. >> this community doesn't trust its police department. >> i saw the video. i found it very upsetting >> reporter: the mayor is ordering the department to add options so is lethel force is a last resort. if san francisco we are not that kind of city. that's just not our values. >> every time you try to use the knife i'm moving the shield. >> reporter: shields normally used for crowd control have been spread out. >> you could push them a apply pressure onto that person. >> reporter: firearms training will be redone to focus on
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deescalating crisis situations. >> i will be asking for tasers. >> reporter: the chief has been rebuffed by the commission on tasers in years past. >> there is a big gap in the fact that once we have exhausted everything that we don't have something short of a gun. >> reporter: the chief says that mario woods extended his arm toward officers. >> that was a lie. come on people. >> reporter: some critics want the chief to go. >> [inaudible]. >> reporter: this crowd was divided among those willing to work with the system and those who want to take protests to the street. the police commissioner listening, promised change is coming. >> could be part of the conversation but also could he be locked out. we need to look at how it redoes our use of force. >> the police commission will hold a meeting tomorrow and is expected to move the discussion forward.
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it's also expected to be heated. today the san jose city council scheduled to start discussing a place for the homeless to legally camp. the city said about 4,000 people sleep on the streets every night. some of them don't want help. city leaders say many of them are looking for the city to help keep them safe. last week the council approved the idea of a pilot program for about 100 people. they would be given bass i can shell -- basic shelter and sanitation. one of the earliest and biggest hurdles is finding a place for that program to operate. >> siting is a big issue and major challenge and finding places to build affordable housing is hard enough, finding places for those new program also be harder. >> last december the city shut down the jungle. it was along coyote creek. one of the country's largest illegal camps. we will have a live report in the next hour. tonight the oakland city
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council will consider ways to provide more shelter for the homeless. they will vote on declaring a homeless crisis and suspend some rules on housing, health and security. that would give the city more flexibility in where it could offer shelter including in some unused warehouses. oakland has about 400 shelter beds available right now but the city said there are about 1400 on the streets. a new arena for the warrior is up for another big testn. 20 minutes the critical vote today and what a new poll says about public opinion. >> first obama administration officials in oakland the reason a team from the white house is working with local police. >> good morning. we are looking at a drive here where traffic is going to be a little bit -- the fog is going to be out there. the traffic still looks good on the golden gate bridge. >> not as much fog but there is still plenty to go around.
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it looks liking it'll thicken up a lot of high clouds in advance of what looks to be a rather strong cold front later this week. more on that.
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we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. a teen from -- team from the white house is in oakland to help the police department improve standards. the obama administration staff showed a crime team how they collect, process and use police
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date a. that includes use of force, vehicle pursuit and internal affairs complaints. >> we are -- unleashing data for the community to look at, study it, really ask deep, rich questions of it. >> the police department is one of -- 21 police agencies around the country working with the white house on the data sharing project. the death of an oakland high school student is raising questions about the health of trees around the lake. the 16-year-old jack louis was killed on friday when he was climbing a tree with friends and a large branch snapped and crushed him. family and friends say he was an out going kid who was a boy scout and part of a crew team. >> to get basically killed by a tree in front of ferry land is just total act of god and just totally robbed. >> we asked the public works department if any of the other
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tree around the lake have been checked. officials say that crews respond to trees that are hazard was in 24 hours but it's unclear if the hazards can be found in time. we learned that officials told the family that the tree that killed him could have been cut earlier but city arborists have to many trees to monitor. severe weather in britain has resulted in damage to thousands of homes and three deaths. crews are still pulling people from homes full of water after a weekend of heavy rain. this is video from northwest england. one of the worst hit areas. some parts received as much as 13 inches of rain in 24 hours there are calls for an investigation into government spending for flood defense systems. >> the government spending billions in foreign aid and i think a bit of charity at home would help. the flood defenses didn't work. we need to start thinking a bit
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more about flood defenses. >> the storm is forcing rail lines to be shut down between england and scotland until tomorrow at least. thousands of homes and businesses remain without power. let's check in with sal for the traffic. we talked about the fog we saw. still pockets of it. >> that's right. there is fog. it's not as bad and hopefully it'll stay that way. steve, over the years, steve has taught me much about fog. it does move around. we will see what we see with the traffic cameras. highway 24 looks good. you can see it this time. yesterday we couldn't. the photograph sick move agriculture long nicely from balance net creek to oakland. bay bridge toll plaza is light. the traffic is mostly light. as we look at the south bay
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traffic is move agriculture long well. as we bring steve in, you are thinking that maybe on thursday we will have a tough drive. >> yeah. in the morning. get a lot of sleep wednesday night. >> i will. >> thank you. we have a lot of high clouds. some of the fog is out there. yesterday there was a lot more. it kind of circled and came back in full force. there was a lot more drizzle yesterday compared to this morning. looks cloudy to the north. just to much cloud cover coming over. next couple of days just light stuff. the rain starting to pick up as we head toward late wednesday and early thursday. there is a sign of things to come and some really impressive
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totals on the north coast. windsor, heels burg 53. everybody is stuck in the 50s. 59arcadia. really impressive front is right there. associated low in the gulf of alaska. there will probably be a little development. it is a sign of things to come. late wednesday into thursday a rainy pattern will return. today morning fog. cool to mild. now look on the north coast. this will be up toward del --
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next five-days, 12-inches of rain around crescent. i will update the mountain white house get closer to thursday. monterey around a half inch of rain. morning fog, cool, mild to the south bay. that's the only low indication. everybody on thursday, and then here comes the colder air. you will notice another system looks to be on tap sunday and monday. this will be a big time snow event. >> yeah. >> you were talking about that. >> one to three feet at the pass. >> wow. the wind will be howling. i would get up there wednesday if you have to travel. >> good advice. >> thursday you are on your own >> what about -- normally people drive up on a friday. what do you think by friday? >> i would get up there because another system is coming in on the weekend.
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>> fresh powder if you get up there. >> >> the one on sunday and monday could put the snow level around 3,000 that will be a different water content. >> a lot going on. thank you. today sup soup -- supervisorrers will consider letting medical marijuana clinics open in the unincorporated areas of the city. right now marijuana is prohibited in those areas. china's capitol city is shut down by smog. up next a look at air pollution that's let that city's highest alert level.
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we welcome the eagles of death metal. >> this was in france a california band that was preforming in paris during the attacks last month took the stage for the first time. eagles of death metal was greeted as you can hear with cheers as they took the stage with u2 just a few miles the hall where 89 people died. the band's manager was also killed in that shooting. this morning much of china's capitol city is shut down because of possibly the most unhealthy level of air pollution in the city's history. for the first time of the the government has declared a red
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alert for air pollution in the city. the heightest possible smog warning. schools are closed, factories have suspended operations and there are restrictions on traffic. >> for the first time they have closed down all or most all of the schools in the city >> amazing. much of the air pollution is blamed on coal fired power plants and factories. there has also been explosive growth in car ownership. there is an odd even license plate banning half the cars the roads. it's expected it'll last through thursday. oscar pistorious has been ordered to stay under house arrest a judge granted him bail. last week a court overturned a ruling on the lesser charge of manslaughter. he was convicted of killing his girlfriend two years ago a sentencing hearing is now set
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for april. until then he will be monitored electronically. a training camp along the central coast is creating more job opportunities for women. united states forest service is trying to bridge the gender gap on the fire line. it's a profession dominated by men but women hope to be part of the upcoming season. >> as long as you work hard and your heart is in it they will respect you for it we see the benefit of having male and females working together. i think organizations that have a more balanced number of representation do well. >> there are no job guarantees after graduation but the women get a sense of how hard the job is and if they want to keep pursuing a career in firefighters. we continue to investigate the mass shootings. did the couple accused of the attack receive help? in a moment the person who just
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gave up in somalia. >> and a scare on a flight. what forced the pilots to make an emergency landing in montreal.
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welcome back. it's tuesday, december 8th. i'm brian flores. >> i'm pam cook. want to talk about the weather. we had the muggy verses cooler. >> cooler this morning. >> its cooler this morning. >> more 40s. are you right on today pam. >> i am. i will agree with you. >> we have a lot of high clouds, some fog on there on the golden gate bridge. it's thick but for other areas its clear yesterday morning was solid. it does move around a little bit. we will keep an eye on things. the cloud cover continues to spill over. may be a little bit of mist and
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drizzle but nothing compared to what we had yesterday a cloudy day to the north a few 40s and 50s in the mix a lot more 40s. it was all 50s. today we start off with the cloud cover and the system is starting to shows it. that will be for late wednesday, early thursday. that looks impressive here. look for the rainy pattern. once it kicks in on thursday it'll probably continue into early next week. morning fog, cool toenailed a to mild. we don't have a lot. this is good. we are just looking at a drive that looks very good. if you are driving on the bridges for example, westbound bay bridge, not a bad drive. the approach here is light, right now it looks good. if are you driving on the san mateo that drive is looking good to the pen sava. interest peninsula. if you are going to the san francisco airport 101 is


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